Precious Things is based in Norfolk, UK and is an eclectic collection of gemstone and beaded jewellery designed and handmade by myself, Kim Adamek.

A wide selection of materials is used in my jewellery, including gemstones, freshwater pearls, wood, shell, and glass beads from around the world. All have been lovingly played around with, and made into something individual, beautiful and affordable. The results are either one-off pieces or limited editions; nothing is mass-produced.

The most fascinating thing about the whole jewellery-making process is the variety of techniques involved. Stringing, wire working, and chainmail have to be my favourites so far. There is so much more to learn, so the ‘precious things’ are offered for sale to help further my addiction… sorry, education!

All Precious Things beaded jewellery and accessories are smartly boxed and make great gifts for friends and family members… and of course, for yourself!

Feel free to have a good look around in my store. If you have any questions about a piece of jewellery please contact me at precious_things2@yahoo.co.uk.